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Can Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) improve with their ROIC score?

The ROIC Quality of Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) is. This is calculated by dividing the average ROIC of five years by the ROIC Standard Deviation of five years. The ROIC average of 5 years is calculated using the five-year average EBIT, the five-year average (net working capital and net fixed assets). The ROIC is calculated by dividing the net operating income (or EBIT) by the capital employed. The capital employed is calculated by subtracting the current liabilities from the total assets. Return on invested capital is a relationship that determines whether a company is profitable or not. It tells investors how well a company is turning their capital into profits.

One of the basic principles for investing is to buy low and sell high. While this may seem obvious, many investors end up doing the exact opposite. When dealing with the stock market, investors often need to be careful not to let their irrational side take over when making decisions. Investors can be caught in the rush when stocks are rising rapidly. The temptation to board and take part in the ride can lead to some poorly planned moves. Concentrating on short-term moves can be included in the game plan for some, but for others, this can be a distraction from the overview and the long-term plan. Stocks that become widely advertised and popular in the media may not be the right addition to the portfolio of individual investors. Conducting due diligence in any position can help the investor ensure that he is benefiting and paying well.

Some of the best financial forecasts are formed using a variety of financial tools. Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) has a Price-Book ratio of 0.293225. This index is calculated by dividing the current price of the share by the carrying amount per share. Investors can use Price to Book to show how the market portrays the value of a stock. Looking at some other ratios, the company has a price ratio for cash flow of 1.189523, and a current price / earnings ratio of 8.511346. The P / E ratio is one of the most common indexes used to find out if a company is overvalued or undervalued.

At the time of writing, Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) has a Piotroski P-Score of 4. The F-Score can help you discover companies by strengthening balance sheets. Punctuation can also be used to identify weak artists. Joseph Piotroski developed the F-Score, which employs nine different variables based on the company's financial statement. A single point is assigned to each test that a stock passes. Normally, an action with a score of 8 or 9 would be considered strong. At the other extreme, an action with a score of 0-2 would be considered weak.

Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) currently has a Montier C rating of 3.00000. This indicator was developed by James Montier in an attempt to identify companies that were cooking the books to look better on paper. The score ranges from zero to six, where a 0 would indicate no evidence of book cooking, and a 6 would indicate a high probability. A C-score of -1 would indicate that there is not enough information available to calculate the score. Montier used six entries in the calculation. These inputs included a widening gap between net income and cash flow from operations, increasing receivables days, increasing daily inventory sales, increasing other current assets, decreasing depreciation in relation to the plant and gross property equipment, and increasing the total assets.

EBITDA income is a great way to determine a company's profitability. This number is calculated by dividing a company's profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization by the value of the company. Enterprise Value is calculated considering market capitalization plus debt, minority interests and preferred shares, less total cash and cash equivalents. Source Energy Services Ltd.'s (TSX: SHLE) EBITDA income is 0.249764.

The 52-week price range is one of the tools investors use to determine the lowest and highest price at which a stock traded in the previous 52 weeks. The price range of Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) in the last 52 weeks is 0.152000. The 52 week break can be found in the stock quote summary.

Free cash flow growth (FCF Growth) is the free cash flow for the current year minus free cash flow from the previous year, divided by last year's free cash flow. FCF growth of Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) is. Free cash flow (FCF) is the cash produced by the company minus capital expenditures. This money is what a company uses to meet its financial obligations, such as making debt payments or paying dividends. The FCF Score is a useful tool for calculating free cash flow growth with free cash flow stability – this gives investors the overall quality of free cash flow. The FCF Source Score Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) is. Experts say that the higher the value, the better, since it means that free cash flow is high, or the variability of free cash flow is low or both.

GM Score
The Gross Margin Score is calculated by observing the Gross Margin and the overall stability of the company over 8 years. The score is a number between one and a hundred (with 1 being the best and 100 being the worst). Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) Gross Margin Score is 50.00000. The more stable the company, the lower the score. If a company is less stable over time, it will score higher.

Investors who are new to picking stocks may find themselves tempted to buy stocks that have recently risen. While the traditional advice is to buy low and sell bullish, novice investors usually do just the opposite. Buying a particular stock just because it is rising recently may end up leaving the investor shaking his head. Waiting for an action to continue to rise in the wave can lead to disappointment when the moment suddenly changes. Studying the fundamentals of a particular company can help the investor assess whether the stock is worthy of purchase at current levels.


The ERP5 Rank is an investment tool that analysts use to discover undervalued companies. ERP5 analyzes the price / book, earnings yield, ROIC and ROIC average of 5 years. ERP5 from Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) is 19219. The lower the rating of ERP5, the more devalued it is believed to be the company.

Value Composite One (VC1) is a method that investors use to determine the value of a business. The VC1 of Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) is 1. A company with a value of 0 is considered an undervalued company, while a company with a value of 100 is considered to be an overvalued company. VC1 is calculated using price for book value, price for sales, EBITDA for EV, price for cash flow and price for profit. Likewise, the Composite Value Two (VC2) is calculated with the same proportions, but adds the Shareholder Income. The Composite Value Two of Source Energy Services Ltd. (TSX: SHLE) is 7.

Investing in the stock market will always come with ups and downs. There are so many different factors that can have an impact on the daily movements of stock prices. Finding the right investment strategy can take some time. Many investors may have the tendency to become impatient when the portfolio is not working quickly. Sometimes an original plan may be solid, but it needs some time to start solving. Staying on track can be a lot easier said than done. There are always forces that lead the investor to question their possessions. Giving up on a strategy too early can result in many guesswork. There may be a time when the plan needs to be modified to adapt to changes in market environments, but pulling the cable based on some early issues may not be the best solution.

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