Calgary yellow jackets protesters hit economy, rally immigration – Calgary


Hundreds of disgruntled calgarians converged on the town hall on Saturday to protest against the three levels of government.

The rally was one of several events held across the country that was hosted by Yellow Vest Canada. The Facebook group began in early December and has amassed more than 55,000 members in less than two weeks.

Macron calls for calm as French authorities prepare for more protests of "yellow vest"

Most of the members who appeared at the rally wore yellow construction vests similar to the unofficial uniforms of the French demonstrators. In France, people initially gathered to protest against a fuel tax increase, but this has turned into an expression of anger about the high cost of living and the struggles that workers face.

The page of the event for the Calgary rally said the group was non-partisan, but some protesters, such as Maureen Gow-Zelmer, were not ashamed of their affiliations.

"You will find that most of us are proud of the conservatives," she said. "We are sad that this is happening in our country."

The topics covered in the protest were comprehensive and included everything from the carbon tax to freedom of expression.

Downtown Edmonton meets against the UN, globalism is faced with counter-protest

An item from recent UN meetings hit a nerve with many protesters.

Merle Terlesky said the UN Migration Pact goes too far, and he sees it as a threat to the country.

"The sovereignty of immigration should be left to Canada," Terlesky said. "It's not an organization in Geneva."

8th fatality reported in protests of the "yellow vest" of France

Both the federal liberals and the provincial NDP received the heaviest weight of the chant, with many in the crowd waiting for changes during the next wave of elections.

"We have enough people to stand up and say stop," said protester Dave Rowley. "It's been just one shock after another for this country."

Saturday's rally was peaceful, with no signs of counter-demonstrators.

No other rallies were marked on the group's Facebook page, but many protesters said they would not stop until changes were made at each level of government.

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