Sunday , October 24 2021

.C. Hydro crews clear damage from windstorm in Nanaimo – Nanaimo News Bulletin


B.C. Hydro crews are fighting for energy to be restored after Thursday's windstorm, which damaged power lines and eliminated hydroelectric service to communities across the south of the country. Coast.

At one point, about 400,000 customers were out of power, and by Friday afternoon, about 70,000 customers on the Island were still out of power and about 35,000 of them were in the Nanaimo region, according to the BC. Hydro site.

Ted Olynyk, B.C. Hydro spokesman said the Nanaimo area was hardest hit by the storm in terms of infrastructure damage.

"Too much damage," Olynyk said.

Hydroelectric teams and tree-cutting companies were gathered in a section of the Nanaimo River Road near White Rapids Road, where trees knocked down about a kilometer of power lines. Work was a priority to restore power from the South Fork Road Water Treatment Plant in Nanaimo, which supplies most of the city's drinking water.

Olynyk said that repairs are prioritized based on security and then put customers back on line.

"We prioritize security. First, we deal with overturned lines and then bring as many customers as possible. This is always a priority, "he said.

Olynyk could not say for sure how long it will take to restore power to most customers. Some areas, such as Gabriola Island, Cedar and Yellow Point, have suffered extensive damage to energy infrastructure and there were still many areas that the teams could not access and may be Sunday before some areas have restored energy.

There are still many areas where the power line is low and some may still be charging current.

"Stay 10 meters behind the fallen lines," Olynyk said.

To keep up to date on how restoration work is progressing and energy issues, visit B.C. Hydro's Powersmart website at

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