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Sneak Inside Byton K-Byte Interior

published in January 7, 2019 |
from Nicolas Zart

January 7, 2019 per Nicolas Zart

Byton will show more of the inside of his M-Byte at CES 2019. CleanTechnica is there for the company's inauguration, with interviews and a behind-the-scenes look on the way.

This year, Byton will talk about the bigger picture. I just hung up the phone with Carsten, CEO and founder of Byton, who told me: "The company is ready to meet your production by the end of 2019!"

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Sometimes a design speaks to you. The Byton K-Byte does just that for me, and the M-Byte will be the ideal vehicle around the congested city traffic. The company is poised to reveal more about the interior of M-Byte at CES … and looks great. We can not say exactly what's new, but we can say that a new addition will bring even more connectivity.

In my last interview with Benoit Jacob, who wrote the BMW i8 and i3, he showed how this unconventional mind wants to bring back the sedan with K-Byte. In fact, we need more good-looking sedans these days with a new design language. The K-Byte lines are elegantly stretched into a coherent and well-proportioned whole. It's a sleek-looking car that is not overly aggressive and does not yell "me too." And the interior will match the exterior.

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As mentioned above, we will see something new with the interior of the M-Byte, a vehicle that already makes great use of interior space. And spacious, it is. With plenty of legroom and enough entertainment and connectivity to please everyone, the EV is on target for production later this year. We were impressed with the few tours we had at his headquarters. Those looking for performance will not be disappointed. After all, the automotive team comes from BMW, Alpine Renault, Nissan, Toyota, Honda and more heavy hitters.

Byton's strength lies in how it is building smart wheelsets with high-speed connectivity and the industry's first Shared Experience Display (SED), which serves many purposes. The coast-to-coast route screen allows riders to select their favorite entertainment as well as an excellent digital user experience.

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Byton is also putting many features into its intelligent artificial user interface (UI). Its hand gesture recognition technology has impressed me and the perfect combination of digital technology and car design as well as performance will provide a great personalized mobility experience. Stay tuned for the interview we conducted with security team leader Abe Chen.

Byton reveals the M-Byte Interior at CES 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is not your average consumer show. It is huge. Think big, super-duper great! It spans many hotels, including the Las Vegas Convention Center. Getting ready for the show is a matter of a month of emails, invitations and coordination. It's a big deal for everyone.

A decade ago, the automakers decided to hit the floors of the CES, mixing the lines between the cars and the comfort of the electronic creature. And today many mobility startups and traditional automakers have a booth there. Some of these booths can rise and exceed $ 20 million per pop! The stakes are very high.

Byton will use CES to further show the user interface (UI) and underlying technology platform of M-Byte. Startup is intelligently gathering the initial information of potential customers. The last co-creation event we attended showed a serious willingness to listen to potential buyers. Byton was not shy about explaining where the company was about security, user data and forging a relationship of trust with its potential drivers.

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Stay tuned for more from Byton at CES

Byton has a booth # 8515 in the North Hall of Las vegas Convention Center. Kyle Field and I will be there. Byton is ready to show even more what the company has done and what we can expect this year.

Stay tuned for an update with the final revelation of the M-Byte's interior.

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