Breaking: Tesla allows the use of reference codes in European model 3 orders, but with a twist



published in December 10, 2018 |
from Paul Fosse

December 10, 2018 per Paul Fosse

Europeans have been waiting almost 3 years to set up their Tesla Model 3s. Recently, the configuration of the full-drive versions and model 3 performance has been opened for the holders of reservations in Europe. Tesla released the uplifting video below yesterday.

But can you use a reference code?

But there was an easy way to use a reference code to get 6 months of free supercharging. When you try to use a regular link like, it opens a page that allows you to request a Model S or X. But I was browsing Model 3 Owners Club Twitter Page and they have a tweet marked how to use a reference code! Clicking on the links, it looks like Ryan McCaffrey first discovered it and switched to selected followers on Twitter. Of course we are happy to share the process with more people.

Send an e-mail to Tesla

Please email [email protected] with the word "Referral" in the subject line. In the body of your email, include your name and contact information, the reservation number (starts with RN) and the reference code that you want to use. Mine is paul92237 – or you can use someone else. This is the method to use if you have already set up your Model 3, which is a workaround for Europeans until Tesla changes site options. Note that it may take a few days for Tesla to update your order.


It may be a small benefit, but if others are getting 6 months free of charge, you can also take advantage of this and "guarantee" the referral bonus! Let me know in the comments how it worked for you, if you try this and enjoy your model 3!

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