Brainstorm Health: heroin prescription, joy of cooking, health spending


The growth of health spending in the US declines. The federal government projects that growth in health spending in the US (ie a measure of medical inflation) remained modest in 2017, rising 3.9 percent to $ 3.5 trillion. This was due to relatively low increases in hospital care and controlled drug costs, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. However, the same agency projected that health spending in 2018 will increase by 5.3%. (Reuters)

The joy of the retractions. The famous (in) famous study of food researcher Brian Wansink on the ostensible unhealthiness of recipes in the popular Joy of Cooking The book of recipes was retracted by the Annals of Internal Medicine, which cites problems with the data presented as part of the research. Wansink says the issues cited are relatively small; but this is not his first study to be gleaned over data validity concerns. (Associated Press)


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