Thursday , July 29 2021

Brad Pitt rumored to be dating Charlize Theron

Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron are reportedly the new Hollywood couple.

The pair were considered "ridiculously delicate" last weekend at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where Theron was a special guest in a Pomegranate, reports The sun.

They are said to have known each other for some time through Theron's ex-Sean Penn, and have been casually dating for almost a month, spending most of their time at Pitt's Los Angeles home.

Both stars have been involved in novels with other high-profile celebrities.

Sources say Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron were all


Sources say Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron were all "picky" at a recent party.

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Pitt, 55, separated from Angelina Jolie in 2016, resulting in a disorderly divorce and a custody case for her six children. He was also previously married to Jennifer Aniston and dated Gwyneth Paltrow.

Theron, 43, who has two children, canceled her marriage to Penn in 2015. She has also been linked to actors like Alexander Skarsgard and Keanu Reeves.

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