Bobby Roode talks about his position on the card at WWE


Bobby Roode is a former TNA world heavyweight champion. He also won the NXT Championship during his time in WWE's underground brand. Many fans presumed that, with his traditional style in the ring, he would be in the main event photo almost instantly on the main list, but that was not the case.

Bobby recently spoke to Mirror Sports about the environment in WWE, with everyone trying to be number one, and their feelings about their position on the card.

Bobby praised the competitive environment, acknowledging the sheer amount of TV:

"It's one of those things, everyone wants this opportunity to show what they can do," he said.

"But there are so many hours of television … I'm very lucky to be at the forefront of it and to be in the stories about Raw and Smackdown now. So it's competitive but I think everyone has an understanding of how this works and how things are going – you have to be patient and stay positive.

"If you're not on TV for a week, hopefully next week you'll have the opportunity to go there, whether it's a five-minute game or a backstage promotion. You just have to take every opportunity you have and wait for something to happen . "

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All in all, Bobby says that even with a rather unwanted travel routine, he loves this life and knows it can always be worse:

"So we're not just beating ourselves in the ring, but we're in our cars driving 400 miles a night to get to the cities. It's a difficult thing, but at least I do what I love to do. That's all part and parcel of the game. You can travel the world and enjoy new experiences … I always said that your worst day of sports entertainment is still better than your best day digging ditches. "


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