Monday , March 1 2021

Bloomberg Just leaked Details of upcoming Apple iPhones, iPads and iOS 13 (Dark Mode!)

Bloomberg has just detailed the upcoming features expected in upcoming Apple iPhones, iPads and iOS 13, explaining what might happen this year and next.

The Rumored iPhone XI rear camera system renders, via @OnLeaks

iPhones with 3D cameras

According to unidentified sources, the next iPhones would have a "more powerful 3D camera next year, in what is supposed to be a plan to deepen augmented reality efforts.

Bloomberg says a far-reaching 3D camera on the back is considered capable of working up to 15 feet away from an iPhone, scanning the room and creating 3D images.

The alleged system will also deploy a laser scanner for longer distances for better depth of capture, while a third camera will also be part of the setup along with upgraded processors and photo-upgrade tools, said to be coming in the next versions of the iPhone, say sources.

Apple's plans for a 3D camera system were indexed for the 2019 iPhones, but this has apparently been postponed.

Sony can provide sensors for this new system, sources note, as Apple is in talks with the Japanese company.

IPhone 2019 line – with USB-C?

Apple will release updated XR iPhone, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models in 2019, sources say, codenamed D42 and D43 for the last two high-end models. The successor to the iPhone XS Max includes three cameras in the back, say people familiar with the subject.

It is said that the third camera on an iPhone helps capture a wider field of view and zoom, in addition to capturing more pixels. Apple also plans to have Live Photos updated, which would increase the video's length from 3 to 6 seconds.

Apple is also testing USB-C on this year's iPhone models, as rumors have already surfaced. The iPhone 2019 models would have an updated processor and a new version of Face ID, but in terms of design, will look the same as the 2018 models. More radical changes are announced in 2020, when Apple will launch an iPhone with a 5G modem .

Earlier this month, allegedly rendered leaked showing an iPhone camera system with three cameras.

New iPad Pro with 3D Camera and updated iPad and iPad

As for this system of 3D laser cameras, the sources say it could debut in an update of Apple's iPad Pro, which is being announced already in the spring of 2020.

In addition, the Apple iPad will receive an update this spring with "a screen of approximately 10 inches" along with a faster processor while maintaining its Lightning port, sources say. The current screen size is 9.7 inches.

As for Apple's iPad mini, is coming a new version, which is considered cheaper, the first major update since 2015, say those people familiar with the subject.

iOS 13 with the dark mode

As for iOS 13, which is expected to debut again at WWDC this year, Bloomberg is reporting that it will include a long awaited dark mode, similar to what is available on the Mojave macOS, while CarPlay will also receive further enhancements. .

IOS 13 will bring new updates to the iPad, including a "new home screen, the ability to track multiple versions of a single application, such as pages in a web browser, and file management improvements."

Apple's magazine subscription service and original video content service will also be integrated this year.

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