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After a record Thanksgiving with $ 3.7 billion in digital sales on desktops and mobile devices, it seems Black Friday will also bring a special year to e-commerce. Adobe, which monitors trillions of transactions on several retail sites, says that since 7:00 AM Pacific Time, $ 643 million have already been spent online.

This is not just an increase in sales at this time – when Adobe recorded $ 406 million – but an increase of about 28.3% in the same period a year ago. All day last year, buyers spent $ 5.03 billion online, a record at the time; Adobe is currently forecasting that this year there will be $ 6.4 billion spent on Black Friday, revising its numbers based on strong morning demand.

"Buyers are already taking advantage of Black Friday discounts online in the early hours of the morning, preparing for a Black Friday record we expect to match last year's Cyber ​​Monday," said Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights.

As with Thanksgiving and the general trends of more smartphone purchases, we are seeing a continuous shift to more purchases on mobile devices, specifically smartphones. This is partly because the phones are better but also because the technology has improved to make the mobile device purchase experience faster and easier.

"Mobile purchases continue to skyrocket and see the conversion increase," Schreiner said. "Retailers understand that shopping and buying on smartphones is now the norm for consumers and as a result, they deliver better experiences and optimization on mobile devices."

Adobe has yet to release figures for Black Friday conversion rates, but yesterday's desktop was still seeing a higher rate of people buying after browsing – five percent on the desktop versus three percent on smartphones. And while tablets are not as popular for people to use – they represent only about eight percent of traffic and purchases – conversion rates are essentially similar to those on the desktop.

At the lower end of the scale, things are also going well. Shopify, which provides a real-time sales view for about 600,000 merchants on its platform – typically retailers smaller than the 80 largest browsers tracked by Adobe – notes that at the moment the average per-minute sales for these merchants is hovering around $ 650,000 per minute, an increase early today.

A Black Friday – once the traditional & # 39; beginning & # 39; of the year-end sales period – has somewhat diminished the importance, as retailers brought their seasonal promotions earlier and earlier, exploring a key aspect of e-commerce: shopping whenever they want, not just when a store is open.

At the same time, while Thanksgiving brings online retailers to a captive audience – physical stores are virtually closed – Black Friday really sees them both face to face with the competitive edge that people leave days after Thanksgiving and use them for the shops.

Adobe surveyed buyers earlier today and found that 60% planned to shop online – the same as last year – and 43% planned to go to physical stores.

Competitiveness in the physical stores also had a dark current, with photos of crazed shoppers trampling others to reach the best bargains of an annual media theme.

Interestingly, Adobe notes that there has been a sharp increase in "buy online, get in the store" transactions, with people buying double on Thursday and Wednesday to buy from Friday. This may, to some extent, lighten up some of the stores' hot moments.

Adobe says that so far this month, there have been 38 billion dollars spent online, an increase of 18.5% over last year.

We will update this post more with data as we get it.


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