Bigg Boss 12 challenged Megha Dhade: Deepak Thakur is a disgusting face


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"I'm very shocked and upset. I can not understand the fact that I'm out, "said a visibly upset Megha Dhade after her expulsion from Bigg Boss 12.

Megha left the show along with Jasleen Matharu in a double eviction blow in the episode on Saturday. In an exclusive chat with, the actor shared his disappointment: "I was actually having a good run in Bigg Boss. I'm sure the public also believed that I deserved to be in the end. There are people like Rohit Suchanti and Deepak Thakur still in the house while Jasleen and I are out. Is very sad.

Megha was named by Bigg Boss as a punishment for her aggressive behavior towards Deepak. Calling this an unfair move, she said, "Deepak should have been punished as well. While I was well at being indicated, taking him along for another week was really unfair. And I'm amazed that someone as unruly as Deepak is still on the show while I'm gone. I can not believe people voted for him. It is amazing to me that they are supporting him. I could not sleep at night thinking about it.

Further clarifying the incident that led to her punishment, Megha said: "I want to clarify that I have never thrown the shoe on Deepak. I threw it on the ground that jumped and hit Jasleen. I did not even spit on him, but I was telling him "thoo hai tujhpe". Deepak became such a problem that I was punished. People were able to see my reactions, but no one realized what led me to go that far. He is a disgusting person and has no respect for any woman in the house. "

Even in Bigg Boss Marathi, the whole house was against me, but I kept going strong. "But how long have you been taking it?" She added, "Yes, I feel I should not have lost my temper. and when someone says something about your character and "chaal chalan," you have to take a stand.While my reactions were aggressive, Deepak pushed me into this.

Being the winner of the Bigg Boss Marathi definitely helped Megha on her journey, but she shared both shows have a distinct charm. On asked what was the biggest difference between Bigg Boss 12 and the Marathi season, the actor exclaimed: "People! At Bigg Boss Marathi, most of us came from the same industry. We knew each other's struggles and we respected everyone. Here the commoners scoffed at our struggles and achievements. They used the word "celeb" as an abuse or insult. Sreesanth represented India. I got a show, but they mocked these things. They used it to provoke us, which was very sad. "

"They never respected us even though they were on the show to become celebrities. They are lucky to have this opportunity early in their careers. We had to slog for years to be on the show. It was very difficult to deal with these losers. Fortunately, I managed to find some good friends in Sree, Dipika and Jasleen, "he added.

Megha had entered the show mid-season as a wild card competitor. She shared this post her entry, the tasks have become much more pleasing to the public. "I really enjoyed doing all the chores. I am also happy to have received much appreciation for being a fighter. I wanted to be in the show from day one. I would have won for sure, "she concluded.

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