Bethesda support site leaks personal information from Fallout 76 customers


This is not a good time for Bethesda. The launch of Fallout 76 has been confusing with complaints ranging from stability and balance of the game to the items included in the collectors edition of the game. The "Power Armor" edition of the game came with a functional Brotherhood of Steel helmet and a canvas bag that later became a nylon substitute. Initially, Bethesda offered customers a small amount of coin in the game and later announced plans to replace the nylon bags with screen updates.

This should be a happy ending to the story, but the affliction story continues as customers report that they have been able to access the personal data of other customers by sending support tickets through the Bethesda online help system.

On Monday, Bethesda instructed customers to visit their support site to file a complaint if they had purchased the Power Armor edition of Fallout 76.

Some customers, after submitting their tickets, were exposed to details of other customers.

The problem was resolved after a brief interruption of the support site, but customer complaints are still active on Reddit and Twitter. Jessiepie, a Reddit user, wrote, "I'm getting your support tickets from your Bethesda account. Now I know where you live. "Apparently, some users were able to see not just addresses and emails, but partial credit card information.

This is the latest development in the post-release fight Fall 76 which saw the price of the game fall by 50% on Black Friday sales, less than a month after launch. The December 4 patch also rekindled the controversy over "stealth nerfing" of various features and introduced a plethora of new gamebreaking bugs. Now, Bethesda is likely to need to review its client security protocols and deal with the consequences of this latest leak.


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