Becky Lynch Invade SmackDown, Slaps Triple H


Charlotte Flair started SmackDown Live this evening reacting to Becky Lynch's suspension. "I know someone who is 100% healthy," proclaimed the former RAW champion and SmackDown. She then revealed that she wants to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. However, it was interrupted by Lynch herself.

"It's one thing to steal my dad's slogan, but it's another to steal the entrance to Roman Reigns!" Charlotte shouted. The two started screaming with Lynch being surrounded by the security of WWE until Triple H appeared. "Becky Lynch, you're suspended. Go home. Go see the doctor. "His words charmed Charlotte Flair, who was inciting him, but Triple H was not having this with any of the women, as he demanded that Flair go to his back.

Triple H made his ultimatum clear. "Do you want this suspension to be suspended? Go to the doctor. Be released. Round Rousey. Until then? Go home. Lynch scoffed at his wife, Stephanie McMahon. "Did you make sure she was clinically clear after I punched her in the face?" She asked.

The WWE executive said Lynch was self-defeating and afraid of failure. He then said that his exit from the Survivor series was due to her looking for a way out. "I do not even think you're hurt.Your knee hurts or is it an act of finding a way out? … The truth is you're scared.You are afraid that he will tell you that you can go to WrestleMania and [that] Rouse Rousey will expose you as the fraud you are.

It took Lynch to beat Triple H before heading out into the crowd.

Becky Lynch suspended medically by WWE, attacks Stephanie McMahon


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