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Batwoman Trailer: Batman is out of CW's Arrowverse, Kate Kane is in

The first trailer for The CW Batwoman reveals Ruby Rose's view of heroin – and the sinister villain she faces.

The beginning of the trailer reveals that Batman "gave up on Gotham City" while the danger still lingers. Specifically, a crime lord inspired by Alice in Wonderland (aptly named Alice). After learning about the disappearance of her former lover, Kate Kane becomes personally involved and makes her mission find and defeat Alice.

She enters her cousin's lab – while her former assistant unnecessarily tries to stop her – and declares that Batman's suit will be perfect since she fits a woman.

"I'm not going to let a man take credit for a woman's job," she shouts.

The Arrowverse version of Batwoman is the character's first major role in live-action television. Although Kate Kane was not the only LGBTQ character in DC Comics, she set milestones as DC's first openly gay superhero and proposed her girlfriend, Gotham City Police Detective Maggie Sawyer, in 2013.

The CW announced a Batwoman solo series last July. Earlier, The Arrowverse mentioned Wayne Enterprise and Gotham City, triggering a connection with Batman, and in May 2018, CW President Mark Pedowitz announced that Batwoman would appear at the Arrowverse's annual intersection. In August, Ruby Rose landed the role of Kate Kane and in October, the CW revealed the first official look of Batwoman's fantasy.

Batwoman still has no release date, but should air on Sundays at The CW.

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