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Battle of Vicente- Oxenberg

There’s an ongoing battle between India Oxenberg and Mark Vicente over how Vicente is portrayed in the four-episode series on Starz TV, Seduced, within the Nxivm cult. India is a co-producer and protagonist of the documentary.

A different image of Vicente emerges from the documentation in nine parts of HBO, The vote, where Vicente is one of the main characters. In Voto, Vicente is shown as a concerned and thoughtful whistleblower, who realizes that Nxivm’s founder, Keith Raniere, a man he previously admired, is criminally evil and then courageously works with others, including me, to bring him down.

In India’s Seduced, Mark is portrayed before becoming a whistleblower. He is definitely painted as an unsympathetic figure and this has caused quite a heated controversy, most of which is negatively directed at Mark, of many people, many of whom are among the constantly growing legion of fans drawn to Nxivm’s story.

The charge against Mark, as portrayed in Seduced, is that he manipulated India to repeatedly take expensive Nxivm courses – and to force it to stay close to the group – even when it was against his best interests, while at the same time, she was prevented from going up to the company where she could have earned some money.

India benefits from Vicente’s denunciation actions

Frank Report will take a closer look at this story in future posts. Among other things, we will explore the role that Vicente and others played in bringing down the cult, including what they did to help India leave Nxivm and DOS, where she became a slave to Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.

During the real battle – the one against Raniere – that started in the summer of 2017, India stood out because, although it was hostile to Raniere’s opponents, his mother, Catherine Oxenberg, in trying to take India out, was working with Vicente, his wife, Bonnie Piesse, Sarah Edmondson and me to blow Nxivm to pieces.

India had no role in overturning the cult, except as an incentive for Catherine’s maternal efforts to save her daughter. She did not leave the service until Raniere and Mack were arrested.

There is no doubt that if it weren’t for Bonnie and Mark Vicente, Catherine would not have been dragged into the fight. It was Bonnie who first told Catherine that India was marked, which started the chain of events that led Catherine to call me and expose DOS, the cult crater for that revelation, the NY Times story, the investigation of the FBI, arrests, trial, and Keith Raniere’s 120-year sentence.

For those who think that Mark was not an important whistleblower behind the scenes, I will, in a future post, reveal his role in providing important information to the Frank Report, the New York Times and the FBI.

He also supported Catherine during a time when India cut communications with her mother in favor of Raniere and Mack.

I can shed light on what happened during that early period of the fight – the summer of 2017 – when Frank Report was the only publication exposing DOS and Raniere – and that India was calling me a text criminal for his mother – for exposing Raniere and for the purpose that Frank Report was having in dismantling the cult.

I can shed light on the period after the FBI began its investigation and strategic efforts to prevent India from being arrested alongside Allison Mack. This occurred at the same time that India, financed and encouraged by Clare Bronfman, was in discussions with a lawyer to sue his own mother.

India faced the real possibility of being arrested for the alleged crime of attempted sex trafficking of slave DOS Jaye. India was described in the federal criminal information used to arrest Raniere as “No. 2 co-conspirator”. Allison Mack was co-conspirator # 1.

Allison Mack goes to court with her lawyer.

Mack was arrested. India does not. The reason why it was not due in large part to the efforts made by Catherine, me and Vicente, which I will demonstrate in a future post.

Whether India knows it or not, she owes a debt of gratitude not only to her mother, but to Bonnie Piesse, Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente. And myself.

Return from India

India is currently doing its best to be a pioneer, a courageous young woman who, instead of hiding in shame for her mistakes or for what happened to her as a victim, is out there showing that someone can come back even with a mistake colossal in judgment or the most shameful or embarrassing circumstances and gaining respect for yourself.

His courageous posture really cannot be overestimated. Almost anyone else who has been revealed in the world media as a sex slave, marked and known for having given a graphic and forceful guarantee, which she still knows now where she is being kept, would seek to hide and try to live below. But India is trying to live up to it – get there – and show the world how to get back – by revealing its mistakes, its victimization and how one can get up and take his life back, in his own name, without hiding or shrinking.

It is a rare feat. A remarkable achievement. And she is winning. Almost nobody thinks of her as a fool. Or even a weak or pathetic victim. She is now the brave India Oxenberg. It is one of the best and most epic twists I have ever seen.

DOS sex slave, victimized, avenging heroine. Very good – but does Vicente need to be avenged?

Conflict over how Vincent treated India when he was still in worship

In Seduced, India presents his vision of the period before Vicente left Nxivm, when he was happy in Nxivm, and one of his leaders. It seems that India sees Vicente as its first aggressor, then Allison and then Keith Raniere.

India now knows that Keith Raniere is a monster, but before her arrest, she was deeply on his defensive. Vicente was the leader of Nxivm in Los Angeles and his teacher in Nxivm. She claims that he kept her in the cult long enough and deeply immersed enough to fall victim to Mack and Raniere.

Mark VicenteDid Vicente caused this unfortunate chapter in her life or was she an adult woman, an intelligent adult, who chose to be part of the Nxivm community and only later, alone, chose to join DOS and then experienced its horrors?

Is she childishly claiming she was easy prey for Vicente’s manipulation? She was a woman whose family is rich and cultured; she is an intelligent woman herself. She entered the world of Nxivm when she was 19 and remained until she was 20.

She was also one of the last to leave Raniere. She remained loyal to him and Allison for months after they were arrested. At the time, she publicly stated that she was not a victim, but was happy with her life.

Casper Van Dien and his stepdaughter India, Los Angeles, CA July 31, 2004 © Sara De Boer

Before Raniere’s arrest, India’s stepfather, Casper Van Diem, told me that India’s mother, Catherine, not Raniere, was the real person who made India a victim by making its brand story public. At that time, India agreed with his stepfather. Now she realizes that her mother helped to save her.

And today India sees itself as a victim not only of Raniere and Mack, but also of Vicente.

I would have preferred not to delve into this story, since I fought side by side with Vicente and the mother of India, but the issue has become public and the Frank Report covers the whole story of Nxivm.

There is no doubt that Vicente was damaged by Starz’s Seduced. It is fair to see if this is justified or not.

Frank Report will have more about this story.


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