Saturday , October 16 2021

Atlanta Braves 3B Josh Donaldson suspended one game per incident against the Pittsburgh Pirates

Major League Baseball charges a suspension of a game for the Atlanta Braves, third base Josh Donaldson for their actions during Monday night's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the league announced on Tuesday.

After being hit by a pitch from the Bucs Joe MusgroveDonaldson started yelling with the pitcher on his way to first base. Both banks cleaned up with Donaldson, Musgrove and pirate manager Clint Hurdle being expelled.

After the game, pirate shooter Jameson Taillon expressed his displeasure with how the game was refereed.

"Ump show," Taillon tweeted. "[MLB], clean it. [Musgrove] prepare yourself more than anyone else and you have just taken your day off. No liability. O [bull]pen is spoiled for the series now. The guys will be sent because they will have to eat these shifts. Unbelievable."

Donaldson will appeal the suspension, which means he is eligible to play in the competition on Tuesday night with the Pirates.

Over 62 games this season, Donaldson is hitting .023 with eight home runs, 25 batted races and an OPS of 0.775.

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