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The fourth quarter of 2018 was not exactly good for Apple. After seeing the price of the stock skyrocketing for months, Apple finally became the first company in history to exceed the $ 1 trillion mark in market capitalization earlier this year. But things quickly moved south after several independent reports that Apple had cut iPhone production several times due to lower-than-expected demand. To make matters worse, Apple announced that it would stop releasing the iPhone unit sales numbers along with its quarterly reports. The move has prompted speculation that Apple may not have a final view on the decline in iPhone sales, and the company's stock plunged further as a result. Apple shares lost more than a quarter of their value in just two months, and Apple's market value fell to $ 715 million at the close on Friday.

On the product side, things were a bit of a roller coaster as well this year. The current product lines for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and Mac are the best in the company's history, but little problems keep popping up. Last week, people started complaining that their new iPad Pro tablets were being delivered, and now people around the world are saying that Apple's latest update to iOS 12.1.2 is hurting their iPhones.

As noted over the weekend by a technology blog called Techspot, hundreds of iPhone users around the world are reporting some serious issues with Apple's latest iOS update. The iOS 12.1.2 update was released last week with the primary goal of fixing a bug with eSIM support on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Apple ended up releasing a second version of its update to iOS 12.1.2 a few days later to solve unknown issues with the first version, but apparently not all wrinkles were resolved.

According to hundreds of posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, iOS 12.1.2 is causing a serious problem for iPhone users. Here it is one of many examples. What is the problem? Well, some users who have installed the update can no longer use LTE or all the time. Users report that their phones will no longer send or receive data over LTE, and messages will no longer be sent. Some users report that voice calls are also failing, and a small number of users say that problems also extend to Wi-Fi data connections.

Affected users were found in India, Europe, South America, and elsewhere, but the highest concentration of problems appears to be in North America. And the bad news is that there is no fix known at the time. Apple's support has been telling users to redefine their factory phones, but it is not clear whether a reset will solve the problem. Entering the iPhone's mobile settings and disabling LTE to force the phone to use 3G networks and the older 4G networks seem to help in some but not all cases. Apple has not yet commented on the problem, but if you have not yet installed iOS 12.1.2 on your iPhone, you may want to delay until iOS 12.1.3 is released.

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