Amazon Echo prices fall to under £ 20 as 16 new things to ask Alexa REVEALED


If you are hoping to join the smart Echo speaker revolution, now is a good time to connect one of these devices to your home.

Amazon has reduced the price of its popular Echos with some starting now for only £ 19.99.

This price is for the entry-level Echo Input that turns any current speaker you have at home more intelligently.

Just plug it in and it does the rest with smart features instantly enabled on what you already have.

It is worth noting that the input does not have its own built-in audio and if you want a stand-alone device, Echo Dot is a good choice.

This mini-machine comes with its own speaker inside and now has an improved sound and is much better than before – in fact, Amazon made this smart speaker about 70% higher than its predecessor.

The Echo Dot is currently only £ 29.99 – a saving of £ 20 from the regular price.

Finally, there's the bigger and more powerful Echo, which is also on sale in Amazon's latest offerings.

This gadget includes a 360 degree sound and can. be placed in your shopping basket for £ 69.99 – an economy of £ 20.

All these transactions are live now and can be found here.

As a quick reminder, all Echo devices feature the. Alexa's personal assistant that allows you to perform various tasks via voice control.

Music can be played, set timers and even news and weather announcements announced simply by asking.

There is also the option to turn on the lights, warm up and set reminders for upcoming events.

Amazon continues to add more features to Alexa and if you own an Echo, here are 16 things to try and ask her.

"Alexaset up my house
Now you can arm, disarm and query your Yale smart security system by voice using an Alexa skill. You will need to set a PIN to disarm the system.

"Alexa, what do you think of how the Game of Thrones ended?

"Alexa, play the song that says "I am the giant" of Amazon Music.

"AlexaHow does the sunscreen work?

"Alexa, read We Are Legion.
Discover the science fiction novel by Dennis E. Taylor, free to listen until May 31.

"AlexaCan you sing in automatic tuning?

"AlexaWhat is there to do in Wales?

"AlexaWhy is the Earth called Earth?

"Alexa, open the sixties, feel the pressure.
How Much Do You Know About Sixties Music? Find out by answering questions about bands and singers of the '60s.

"AlexaCheesecake recipes open. "

"AlexaCan you ask me a rhetorical question?

"Alexa, tell me what you want, what you really want.

"Alexturn the TV on.
Use smart domestic skills to control your Smart TV compatible with a simple voice command.

"Alexa, open White Noise.

"Alexa, you can do 100 push-ups?

"Alexa, open screen test. "
Do you speak in quotes from the movie? Put your knowledge of movie quotes to the test.


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