Amazon Echo Input on sale for $ 20; device puts the smart on your speaker


Amazon was the first to create the smart-speaker category with its extensive launch of Echo in 2015. Since then, the smart-speaker market has taken off with the number of units within homes growing by 78% last year to 118 ,5 million. The device is essentially a speaker that gets its intelligence from a virtual personal assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri or Cortana. But suppose you already have a speaker setup you like. Is there a way to add "smarts" to your speaker?
It really does exist. Amazon Echo Input can be synced with your speakers via Bluetooth or cable. And it includes a microphone and Alexa so you can turn your caller into a smart speaker that will hear your orders from across the room. And Amazon currently has a good deal on the device (via Android Police). With a normal price of $ 34.99, Echo Input can be yours for $ 19.99, a savings of $ 15 or 43%.

Amazon also has some packages with Echo Input. For example, with the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 portable speaker and input, you can have a smart portable speaker. And instead of paying $ 283.99, the pair goes on sale for $ 249. That's a discount of $ 34.99 or 12%.

With Echo Input and your favorite speaker, you can do most of the things a regular Echo unit can do. This includes streaming your favorite songs, getting the latest news / sports / weather, setting up alarms and timers, and more. The only things that are not supported are phone calls and the "Drop" feature. The latter allows you to connect instantly with the other Echo smart speakers in your home.


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