Alleged Mistress Offset Summer Bunni Drops "It Does not Matter" Single


The alleged Offset lover, Summer Bunni, who is at the heart of Cardi B and the divorce of rapper Migos, is using the extra press as a stepping stone to her singing career. On Friday night (December 7), the aspiring 20-year-old artist made a song titled "Do not Matter" for The Blast.

According to the publication, Summer wrote the song during the summer when she was experiencing "mixed feelings" about the Offset. She added that she felt "neglected" during her brief adventure.

"I just wanted to write about how I felt back then," Bunni said.

The slow and infused R & B cut consists of lyrics like "I'm tired of you, I guess my feelings do not matter / I never question how I am, am I better?

"I hope you throw that shit when you're alone / So you can think of why I'm really out / Fuck the gossip, fuck the tea / I'm the one you really need"

She also goes on to say that all Offset friends are trying to "fuck" downstairs and something about, um, come in.

Earlier this week, Summer made a tearful apology for Cardi to head to Instagram to open his heart again.

"Seeing the pain of another woman does not bring me joy, nor does it seem funny," she wrote. "I've always been for women to lean on, but not just me, but others have failed."

Cardi announced the split on Tuesday night (December 4) via Instagram. In the video, she said she was trying to sort things out with the Offset for a "hot minute." Of course, it did not work.

Meanwhile, the platinum rapper was nominated for only five Grammy awards, including one in the Best Rap Album category for Invasion of privacy.

Listen to the track "Never mind" here.

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