Allan Schoenborn improving, but not ready for tours: doctor


COQUITLAM (NEWS 1130) – A B.C. A man convicted but not found criminally responsible for killing his three children in 2008 showed improvement but is not ready to leave, according to Allan Schoenborn's physician.

The Review Board still needs to make a final decision, but should do it one Thursday afternoon.

Marcel Hediger told the council that Schoenborn remains sensitive to comments that he believes despise him or others around him.

A recent example, Hediger said, was a recent interaction with a staff member who tried to wake Schoenborn to a meal. Dr. said that Schoenborn argued against this and called the team member's clothing ridiculous.

Hediger's main concern seems to be how Schoenborn would act if he were antagonized by a member of the community during a tour.

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Schoenborn is still considered paranoid and suspect in the opinion of his doctors.

Schoenborn has admitted killing 10-year-old Kaitlynne, eight, and Cordon, a five-year-old at his home in Merritt, more than a decade ago.

In August 2017, a B.C. The Supreme Court ruled that Schoenborn did not meet the criteria for a designation of "high-risk accused". That designation would mean that Schoenborn would not be allowed to leave the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam, where he is currently detained.

Schoenborn is currently authorized to ask the hospital for daily passes escorted to the community.

-With files by Sonia Aslam and Denise Wong


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