Saturday , October 23 2021

Alexa descends in the UK on Christmas day


If you live in the UK and hire someone as a new speaker for the Amazon Echo, this may not have been the best idea. Amazon's Alexa wizard dropped only an hour ago, with the wizard not responding to user queries on any of the devices.

Twitter users started reporting the issue around 9:45 am stating that existing echo devices are not working and that those who have offered a new speaker to someone are not satisfied with it. Not at all.

Thousands of users are also reporting downtime throughout the country.

It seems that downtime is probably caused by all the new eco-friendly speakers that people have bought for Christmas. Amazon promotes Echo's keynote speakers in the UK, and demand should not be surprising. Still, it's rather unusual to see Amazon not expanding its service to handle this type of demand, especially on a day as big as Christmas. New customers will not be satisfied with the first ruined experience.

Merry Christmas!

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