Air Canada flight to India returns after Pakistan closes airspace


An Air Canada flight from Toronto to New Delhi returned today to Europe after the Pakistani government decided to close its airspace amid growing tensions with India.

The flight departed from Toronto at 9:39 pm. ET Tuesday and stayed on the air for over 12 hours before landing back in the city Wednesday afternoon. It had already crossed the Atlantic Ocean and was flying over Europe when it turned.

The plane landed after noon on Wednesday, a spokesman said in an e-mail.

Air Canada also canceled a flight bound for New Delhi from Vancouver on Tuesday night and temporarily suspended service to India, a spokesman said in an e-mail.

The airline said it is monitoring the situation and will resume service "as soon as the situation has normalized and we determine that it is safe to do so."

On Wednesday afternoon, Air Canada reported that its flight from Toronto to Mumbai must go forward that night because it takes a different route.

The airline said it is evaluating routing options for its flights from Toronto and Vancouver to Delhi, which are scheduled for Wednesday night.

Air Canada's flight to India departed Toronto around 9:39 am. ET Tuesday. (Travis Pereira / CBC)

Air Canada said it has no ground-based aircraft in India, and all flights from India to Canada have returned as scheduled.

On Wednesday, Pakistan carried out air strikes and killed two Indian military jets on Wednesday, the day after Indian warplanes entered Pakistan for the first time since the 1971 war. The powers have called on nuclear rivals to show restraint .

Flights on several airlines were affected.

Air Canada said it normally operates daily flights to Delhi from Toronto and Vancouver and flies from Toronto to Mumbai four times a week.


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