After all these years, World of Warcraft adds a potion to understand your enemy with: •


As long as the World of Warcraft is alive, the Horde and the Alliance were not able to understand each other (with a few exceptions). Your gaming client would tarnish what the opposing faction players said, thus reinforcing a sense of belonging while sprinkling some exotic mystique.

But now Blizzard added – in a December 14 hotfix – a new World of Warcraft potion that allows just that: the ability to understand the opposite faction in the chat. It is called Elixir of Tongues and is available in the Fizzi Liverzapper which is in the Underbelly of Dalaran.

Not to be confused with: tweezers.

The potion costs 30 gold and allows you to understand – but do not speak – the language of the opposing faction for an hour. But if both people in the conversation drink a potion, they can understand each other. Alive!

Apparently, the recipe for this elixir has been in the game since World of Warcraft was released! "To this day, I had the descriptive text" This potion has no effect until we put tongues in, "" WOW game creator Jeremy Feasel explained on Twitter.

It's a sudden inclusion in response to the mega-patch Tides of Vengeance, which intentionally prevented the Cross-Faction Cross-RP from working. RP means RPG and it is this community, particularly, interested in talking to the other side. The problem is that buying lots of potions at 30g may pile up soon; There are already posts in the WOW forum asking Blizzard to lower the price.

There are other ways to talk to the opposition in WoW. The Pandarens, who can choose between Horde or Alliance, have their own language specific to each race, as do Demon Hunters.

But I always really enjoyed not knowing what the other side was saying. It allowed me to interpret the enemies in my own capricious way, to give them a little history. It would not have been the same reading "EZ EZ U RDD" (which I always was, but that's not the point, that's it!).


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