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Actual test is yet to come as the Ottawa River peaks on Tuesday or Wednesday

With the already high water levels of the Ottawa River, which should reach Peak tomorrow or Wednesday, people in the National Capital Region are eagerly watching and waiting to see how bad they will be.

According to the ORRPB's latest update, at 9 am on Monday, the river is expected to rise nearly a half-meter to its peak on Wednesday in Gatineau, where floodwaters have already surrounded hundreds of homes. neighborhoods.

Water level in western Britannia neighborhood in Ottawa is expected to rise another 30 centimeters on Tuesday after setting a record at the weekend.

The ORRPB says its forecast depends on several factors and is "subject to a high degree of uncertainty".

CBC News captured footage of flooded area drones in Gatineau, across the river from downtown Ottawa on Monday morning. You can watch the footage below. Can not you see that? Click here.

CBC received special permission from Transport Canada and local authorities for the flight. Drones are not allowed in nine miles of flooded areas in Quebec.

Gatineau said water levels were on the 100-year flood threshold at Aylmer, Hull and Pointe-Gatineau, with levels in Masson-Angers to the east less than 10 centimeters of that level.

The city of Ottawa is holding a press conference at 4 pm. Monday to provide an update on the response to the flood. You can watch live on this site.

Can not see the infographic above? Click here to see how much higher water levels are expected for this year than in 2017.

This week's new reality

One of the five bridges linking Ottawa and Gatineau – the Chaudière Bridge – is closed to all traffic after the swollen river Ottawa began to run against it.

An average of 19,000 vehicles – 13% of interprovincial traffic – usually use it daily, in addition to 1,350 cyclists.

High water levels prompted authorities to close the Chaudière bridge from 6 am on 28 April. 0:26

Hydro Ottawa opened the entire length of its dam near Chaudière Falls, the second time in its 100-year history that it was forced to do so.

On the Ontario side, the most affected communities include Cumberland, Fitzroy Harbor, Constance Bay, Britannia and Dunrobin in Ottawa, and Clarence-Rockland, Ont., East of Ottawa.

On the Quebec side of the river, the hardest hit areas include Aylmer, Point-Gatineau, Lac-Beauchamp and Masson-Angers in Gatineau, and Pontiac, Que., West of Gatineau.

Dave Bennett is the Mayor of Horton Township in Renfrew County; Joanne Labadie is the mayor of the Pontiac County, Que. 8:38

Can not see the map above? Click here to see which communities are in a state of emergency.

Danger not exceeded when levels reach peak

The river is expected to peak in the coming days, but that will not mean the end of the crisis.

"We need people to sustain our efforts for several weeks," Ottawa city manager Steve Kanellakos told a news conference at the weekend.

"It does not end when the water reaches its peak."

Volunteer Brad Pierce helps during the flood at Fitzroy Harbor. (Andrew Lee / CBC)

Hundreds of members of the Canadian Armed Forces have spread throughout the region, helping hundreds of civilian volunteers fill and pile hundreds of thousands of sandbags.

These efforts should continue on Monday.

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