A stellar lip sync releases the RuPaul Drag Race's "Snatch Game At Sea"


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One of the most enchanting charms of RuPaul Drag Race is their show-specific entertainment catalog
challenges. There is the mini-challenge Reading is Fundamental, the makeover
challenge, and the Rusical, to name just a few. His most important challenge,
however, is Snatch Game. Snatch Game is not just Drag RacingMost popular and distinct challenge, it is the most
difficult challenge, combining the knowledge of pop culture, the embodiment of celebrities
(acting and appearing), and improvisational comedy. Most queens Drag Racing are talented in one of these
areas; very few manage to withdraw all three, and it is not surprising that queens who earn
Snatch Game tend to reach the top 5 of the season. And also
Not surprisingly, many queens bomb.

The ultimate success or failure of a given Snatch Game comes
even a bit of a math problem. How many queens have done well, how many queens
fought, and what was the average? Do the heights of the upper queens make up
for the flailing of the lower queens (season
, the reigning champion), or were the antics of those at the bottom
too distracting for the most polished performances to be saved (season
, despite Cher's all-time Chad Michael-great)? While nothing in the season
11 addresses the lowlights of, say, All
The second Love Stars 4 game Snatch
the highs are not particularly high, and the Snatch Game At Sea finishes
one of the least memorable installments in the series. Fortunately, while
the queens seriously disappoint with their Snatch Game turns, they deliver
elsewhere, and the energetic and engaging track and lip-sync save what was in
track to be the weakest episode of the season so far.


"Snatch Game At Sea" begins with the queens returning to
the work room after the most recent explosive fights Out of the pants. There is only one word about the Ra & Jah party.
tensions are still high between Silky and Yvie and Yvie and Vanjie. Plastique
and Nina are ready for a break and sofa builder Brooke does her best to
bring the conversation back to something positive, the queens
thrill to have reached the top eight. There is nothing to be done, though.
The only thing that will help this bad blood is the time, and the episode moves
quickly. The next day, Silky is still upset with Yvie, becoming isolated
and refusing to interact with the other queens. This is a dramatic shift from
the standard of the work room; Silky is as imposing as her silence
with his pre-mini challenge play.

After a few beats of awkward silence, Ru comes to
introduce the mini challenge by promoting your self-help book Guru in the process. The queens will need to get their best
Fast literary drag and promote your own self-help books, complete with title,
inspirational quotes and concepts and cover photo. Although it is not so over-the-top
as recent mini-challenges, this is a challenge of fun branding and the concepts of queens
are surprisingly distinctive and original. Most of these queens know their brands,
and this shows. Silky gets the whole room laughing with her photo shoot to Eat It: Buffet Chroniclesand
she is named the winner. The prize is a Postmates credit, and second season
and All Stars 3 Morgan alum
McMichaels appears for a cameo-slash-Postmates ad as only Drag Racing I could do it.

Photo: VH1

Mini challenge out of the way, Ru announces that it's time
for Snatch Game, or Snatch Game At Sea (sponsored by Vacaya). Instead
in All 4 stars, the title tweaked
does not reflect any changes to the configuration or challenge rules. The Queens
have to go through a celebrity and answer questions to the Match
, fighting with Ru and the other queens and doing the best to do
Ru ri. The queens go straight to work and once again this episode seems to
both Shuga and A? keria will have experience. When Ru does the step-by-step with
guest coach Drag Racing Fifth season
winner – Jinkx Monsoon, neither Shuga nor A? keria make the cut. Jinkx is
absolutely delicious and gives excellent advice to the queens: Yvie should
rely on their acting instincts and take them off as Whoopi, Brooke needs to go further
with her Canadian French accent for Celine Dion, Vanjie needs to keep Danielle
Bregoli funny and not just try to shock, and Nina needs to make her more
obscure (for young audiences) funny characters separated from references Ru
and older viewers will receive. Silky is unsurprisingly a bastion of trust and
Nina is cautiously optimistic, but Brooke, Yvie and Vanjie are all nervous. That is
is not a great proportion, and it's a sinister omen of the upcoming Snatch Game.

Ru wears a captain's hat and so we are aboard the S.S.
Sick & # 39; ning, sailing to the Snatch Game At Sea with guests Clea DuVall and
Tony Hale Silky bursts out of the energy-filled gate as Madison Ts, getting
Snatch Game for a great start. Nina and Plastique keep things moving
Harvey Fierstein and Lovely Mimi, but almost immediately, Yvie brings things
down, stumbling on his first exchange with Ru as Whoopi Goldberg. Shuga grabs
the energy back with his Charo spot-on and both Vanjie and A would begin
as well as Danielle Bregoli and Tiffany Haddish, but despite a solid first
interaction, Brooke quickly gets into trouble like Celine Dion. Silky
Plastique manages some decent volleys from side to side, but none of the queens
other interactions work. Keria and Brooke talk about each other and about Ru, killing
the comic impulse, and after that, or the queens gave up on jokes or
those moments ended up on the cutting room floor.

Photo: VH1

Nina is very much in her characters, first Fierstein and
later, Jo Anne Worley, and is one of the definitive highlights of the game. Silky
does well as well, but is a bit repetitive with his jokes. The queens never know
which will do the editing, so it's no surprise that Silky has the same "nine
inches "line twice. Not a good sign that editors thought they needed
use both takes. Were not there any other jokes they could use? Shuga is a bubbling ray
as Charo, but it does not come with particularly creative responses to
Ru's questions, and that's a trend everywhere. Plastique gives one of the
some memorable answers, suggesting to play Silky at sea, but even her is better
moments feel repetitive after their very similar performance as Nails in
Does it have to be black, Panther?
. The keria does very well with the look and mannerisms of Haddish,
but it does not bring much of what is new, referencing Girls trip and the Haddon Groupon story. As for Vanjie, do not pull
a mix tape if you are not ready to demonstrate one of the tracks! This is a
unforced error, one of several during the process.

Although most queens fight to keep up with Ru and
punchlines earth, the two light background are Yvie and Brooke, missing and missing
Difficult. Both performances smell of insecurity and nervousness, and both know they are
in trouble going to the track. The climate in the work room is decidedly
different after the Snatch Game. Yvie gives Silky her due and apologizes for
her crack about Silky not being talented, but she's not interested. Vanjie, who is
also feeling vulnerable and is aware that she can go home, reaches out to Yvie,
wanting to clear the air before the runway. Vanjie and Yvie's apologies show
maturity and self-awareness, particularly Vanjie's apologies to the rest of the
queens to force them to sit through their explosion in Out of the pants. Let's hope that screaming disputes will end this.

It's time to face the judges. The category is: sequins in the
Track. A & # 39; keria comes first with a bold black and white dress, complete
tail and hair. Vanjie does his best to distract from his white and
gold leotard, working his giant cloak. Nina perfectly makes a mark,
patriotic look exaggerated, better described, as Michelle, as "Paul Re-queer".
Shuga looks beautiful in a flamenco-inspired eggplant dress, which
A bit unusual for Ru's compliments. Then Brooke comes out in a chic pink
and black look with an afro, just to spin and reveal a completely different
look and long and blonde wig. It's a stunning revelation and Brooke works out
of this. The judges lose their minds and one can only imagine the reaction in
viewing parties throughout the country. Yvie
unfortunately you have to follow this, so your shiny and fun jumpsuit is
simply well. Silk looks beautiful in another dress contest, this time turquoise,
and Plastique finishes the runway on high, finally undressing the socks for
a blue-water-themed look. The silk dress is expected, as is
Vanjie set, but everyone looks great and after a disappointing
Snatch Game, it's good to be reminded immediately of how good these queens are
are in other areas of their trawling.

The trial goes as expected, given the issue.
A & # 39; keria and Plastique are safe; Nina, Shuga and Silky are at the top; and Vanjie,
Brooke and Yvie are in the background. Ultimately, Silky leaves with her
second victory, savoring not only his victory, but Yvie's place in the background.
Vanjie's personality pulls her into safety, and everyone bows to
which promises to be an epic battle between the two pioneers of the season,
Brooke and Yvie. They are synching their lips with "Sorry, Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato and
From the jump, both queens fight with all they have. They are good at
their words and they kill the emotions and energy of music. That is not
enough for any of them, however. They take all the stops, making flips,
legwork, contortions and divisions. They are serving attitude for days and this
is arguably the best lip sync of the season. There is only one possible
respond and fortunately Ru does not disappoint: Double shantay. it would have
it was interesting to see the season shaken with a surprise elimination of a
vanguard, and with those performances of the Snatch Game, or deserved to go.
But after the track and lip-sync, both Brooke and Yvie redeemed themselves
themselves. They continue on the way to get to the top four, and if this is the
lip-sync level they can bring, just wait until the end.

Scattered Observations

  • Ru looks fabulous in her pink and black leotard, Michelle
    looks lovely as ever, and Ross is a hoot with his Sylvester Stallone and
    Impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Judges Clea DuVall and Tony Hale are very
    excited to be there, and both give solid feedback. Would have been cool
    to get more of them during the Snatch Game – both are killing you in this
    season of VeepBut given as weak
    this part was probably the best we have not seen more of it.
  • If ever a one-on-one lip sync needed picture-in-picture,
    was this! The camera wisely gets focused on the queens, leaving the
    hearing and feeling the reactions of the judges, instead of watching them, but I
    I still feel like I lost a lot every time the camera cut Brooke to show
    Yvie and vice versa.
  • We finally got more action from Branjie! The few shots that
    get them together play the potential for a lip-sync by Brooke and Vanjie
    when Brooke is heralded as lip sync and Vanjie still does not know if she's safe.
    Maybe this is still coming, along with the promised Yvie-Silky battle.
  • Normally, I find myself defending Snatch Game performances
    for fans tired of the challenge. It's very strange to be on the other side.
    of this argument. In a stronger group, Silky or Shuga would merely be safe.
  • Finally, Shuga absolutely blinds the track! I am very grateful for
    she has to listen to the reactions of the judges and that her look was not overshadowed by
    The fantastic revelation of Brooke.


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