A mysterious egg was found in the archives of the Fortnite game


The v7.10 update came with a huge dump of leaks, but one is more mysterious than the rest.

This is normal practice around the holidays, as the games come in a few weeks of updates to give developers some time to spend time with their families.

As such, this update came with a lot of new things to be excited about.

Here's a summary of the leaks we discovered today:

But there is yet another leak that is still shrouded in mystery.

An egg has been identified through the game files, but no one knows what it will represent. FortTory, who discovered the egg and is a known leaker, thinks he will be a dragon or a water monster.

The image in the upper right corner looks like a sea serpent or dragon of some sort. Also, being in the ice castle may indicate that it is some kind of mythical creature.

So far, the parallels of Game of Thrones throughout season 7 have been impressive.

Without any spoilers, the Ice King and the Night King seem quite similar. Combine this with a "Winter is Coming" vibe and a dragon in a castle and the coincidences are piling up.

Still, none of this has been confirmed. One of the leaked challenges of the "14 Days of Christmas" event may also be indicating that the egg represents something else.

Halfway through the list of challenges is "Interact_Goose_Eggs".

This is the same text used for the challenges of the chest and comes directly below the "Interact_Chests_Search".

To me, this may indicate that the eggs are in the golden goose style and may reward the loots of the fifth season.

It could also be both. Only time will tell and we will update it when more information is available.


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