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Magnets How Do They Work? The good friends of the YouTube channel Magnetic Games know exactly how and they make all kinds of videos that show how magnets can be used for entertainment. As Laughing Lula discovered, his latest video is a true doozy.

You should all know that magnets have what is known as a magnetic field around them. It is the invisible force that causes magnets to attract or repel, and other materials, like metal, react to it. The only problem is that you can not see it … or can you? To find out, Magnetic Games knocked out a pair of ultra-strong magnets on a tiny magnetite-sanded trampoline, and then filmed in super slow motion.

The video is all brilliant and does a great job of slowing things down just enough so you can see how the magnetic forces surrounding the magnet fold and manipulate the light metal particles floating around it.

The shape you see forming in the video, with what appears to be rounded sides curved at both poles, is not unlike the Earth's own magnetic field, but obviously on a much smaller scale.

The brief creation tutorial at the beginning of the video makes it seem like an experiment like this would easily be done in your own home. While this is partially true, it is important to note that the magnets used here are not the kind you will probably find at your local hardware store.

Super strong magnets are often expensive, and the lowest price of the two magnets we see in the video costs about fifty dollars. The more powerful, the more you get back to the $ 100. But if you have the means, do so and do not forget to film it.

Image Source: Magnetic Games


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