76 Vincent's boyfriend as a spray in the game


Yesterday, the world learned that OverwatchThe silly fox wearing harness Jack "Soldier: 76" Morrison is gay. Many rejoiced, although fans wished their strangeness was referenced within the game itself, rather than confined to bonus material. Now, a day later, that wish came true.

I do not tell Bastet, released yesterday, the old grumpy Jack looks at old photos with his friend and comrade Ana Amari. These include a photo of Jack with his ex-boyfriend Vincent, who has since moved, but for whom Jack absolutely still holds a torch.

The fans went crazy as this was the first information released on Jack's sexuality. Head Overwatch writer and author of Bastet Michael Chu also took Twitter to confirm that yes, Soldier: 76 is gay.

However, as welcome as this revelation was, all this was out of the game itself – so far. This most important photo was added to Overwatch, although you have to do a bit of work before you can see it.

Announced Today OverwatchThe new Ana's Bastet Challenge asks players to watch specific Twitch transmissions to gain sprays – graphics can be applied to game surfaces such as stencil graffiti. Most of them belong to Ana, since the story and the challenge are technically about her.

But as much as we all like to nudge it, we're here for the soldier's father, and one of those new sprays is the photo of Jack and Vincent with their arms around each other.

To get the spray, you first need to link your Blizzard and Twitch accounts to the Twitch connections page. Once bound, you can gain sprays by simply watching the selected Twitch broadcasts during this event. A list of participating streams can be found here, but you can check if you are following the correct stream by checking if a "Drops On!" Green appears below the flow window.

You will need to watch a named Twitch stream for four hours to gain the spray of Jack and Vincent. But it will be worth it, because with this, you can put the image of the happy couple on the map of the game. You can also get Ana's sprays, but you'll have to watch for six hours to win them all.

Ana's Bastet Challenge also asks players to win games to win a player icon, a victory pose and an epic skin from Bastet to Ana. Winning three games in any mode will give you a head player icon of cat, while winning six games will give Ana a crouched victory pose. Win nine games and receive Bastet skin, a cosmetic item that gives the healer a cat-like mask that is slippery.

The challenge goes until January 22, so you have two weeks to get those sprays. Now we just need a few lines of voice.


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