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The video game company Blizzard has revealed a second canonical gay character in Overwatch, one of the most popular games in the world. Reactions were mixed.

Soldier: 76 (aka Jack Morrison), the exaggerated gray-haired male with a low voice and some battle scars, is gay and has been around all the time, a new tale in the universe has revealed. Story designer Michael Chu confirmed this in a tweet.

Obviously, a large chunk of the Overwatch fan base responded with a deafening collective scream of pleasure.

But there were also many skeptical voices. Few opposed the strangeness of the 76 itself, yet most were dissatisfied with its awkward introduction.

Much comparison was made with JK Rowling and his Hogwarts director's ad, Dumbledore's homosexuality: despite having zero impact on the already established history, it was seen as a cheap advertising boost.

Others thought the timing was remarkable, and accused Blizzard of trying to create a detour from the scandals that plagued him, such as reacting against a mobile game of Diablo and allowing a player to enter a league esports under a fabricated female identity "Ellie"). in the tweet below).

The way Blizzard deals with the Overwatch tradition – releasing very little of it initially and gradually filling in the gaps with comics and short stories – allows it to customize the characters' biographies, and it is difficult to tell whether 76 or the other LGBT character, O Tracer (which came out in 2016), was designed like this from the beginning. But the pre-release of 76 was seen by many as one of the most boring heroes in history, the standard white male action hero.

What Blizzard was able to do was get a positive coverage injection, considering that writing anything negative next to the word "gay" could be ruinous to the reputation of a major Western media.

At the end of the day, the new lore, while raising some assumptions, will have absolutely zero impact on those who actually play Overwatch – except perhaps for the occasional hardcore homophobe. Unless…

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