$ 7.5 million found in unit purchased from "Storage Wars" star


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An incredibly lucky man almost got a return of $ 7.5 million on a $ 500 investment.

Dan Dotson, "Storage Wars" star, was recently told of an almost impossible end to what he believed to be a simple transaction. Dotson was approached by a woman at a charity event on November 1. This woman was family friend to a man who bought a Dotson storage unit for $ 500.

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Inside the unit was a safe. The star of "Storage Wars" said that the coffers found in storage units are usually empty. Not this one. Dotson was informed that the safe contained $ 7.5 million in cash! "The first person they called to open the safe, I think, could not or did not," recalled Dotson in a video posted on Facebook on November 5. "So they called a second person."

According to the woman, the new owner of the storage unit was immediately contacted by a lawyer who represents the original owners of the unit.

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The man received $ 600,000 in exchange for cash in the safe, but the offer was quickly doubled to $ 1.2 million.

Finally, the man agreed to return the $ 7.5 million cash in exchange for $ 1.2 million. Overall, the gentleman made a $ 500 investment of nearly $ 1.5 million. Not bad for a day's work.

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