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6 new Christmas horror movies that you can watch now


Going at least until Bob Clark's 1974 prototyping film Black christmashorror movies and vacations had a special relationship. Although there may be six plots in the Silent night, deadly night series, for years the Christmas horror film was a kind of special treatment, arriving perhaps once or twice a year.

Thanks to the relative commercial and critical success of recent films such as Michael Dougherty KrampusChris Peckover Best care and the anthology A Christmas horror story, Christmas horror films are more popular than ever, especially among low budget filmmakers, who may adopt a well-known Christmas demon to attract a little more seasonal attention. At least six new Christmas horror films are in VOD this year, trying to add some scares to the heat and joy of the season. Here is our opinion on all of them:

kills flies 2018

Epic Movies

Kill belles

The extreme self-conscious Kill belles opens with dubstep Christmas music and keeps the tone similarly on your face throughout. Barry Bostwick (Rock horror pictures show) plays an out-of-law version of Santa Claus, but before appearing, the film spends half an hour on Adventure Girls, a trio of YouTubers whose latest "urban exploration" project is an abandoned theme park called SantaLand.

It turns out that Santa actually lives there, but Krampus too, and the girls have to join a reluctant Santa ("You're fucking my shit," he says when they arrive) to catch the beast of the holiday. Director and co-writer SpookyDan Walker has a cheeky sense of humor (Adventure Girls use candy cane stakes and nutcracker nunchucks to fight against Krampus, in addition to their feminine wiles) and he makes judicious use of some effects of surprisingly solid creatures. Unfortunately, Bostwick's exuberance can not make up for the rest of the dull characters.

More festive death: Torn in half by Krampus.

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Elves movie 2018

Pikchure Zero


Christmas is the perfect time of year for … a Blumhouse redo Truth or challenge? Even some of the characters Elves are critical of how much this movie resembles another horror movie with a much better budget. "It sounds like that movie Truth or challenge, except with Snapchat filters, "says one of the young men who were killed by a puppet of the evil elf. In fact, the idea of ​​a group of friends being cursed during a drunken party game (in this case, one involving a "perverse list") is remarkably similar, and Elves even copies Truth or challengeThe distorted smiles of the signature and the bulging eyes on the characters that are possessed by the sinister game ("looking like all elves", as one character says).

The plot – loosely attached to a slightly less terrible 2017 The Elf – it does not make sense with several villains and seemingly unrelated production values ​​pairing up with a high school class project (there are several instances where actors seem to accidentally push the camera). The elf himself has a tenuous connection to Christmas, but director Jamaal Burden keeps the holiday in the background at all times, wearing ornaments to convey the threatening messages of the elf in the lightly scary touch of the film.

More festive death: Strangled by the Christmas lights.

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Eye Migraine Productions

Ugly Sweater Party

The problems with Aaron Mento Ugly Sweater Party can be summed up by the fact that there are almost no real sweaters in this film. The plot depends on an ugly Christmas sweater that is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer, but this so-called sweater is obviously a hooded sweatshirt. Mento invests his skills in climbing in the style of Troma, instead of conspiring or even consistency scene to scene. The main character Jody (Hunter Johnson) is shown shaving his pubic hair over a dirty bathroom, and the film comes out, for better or worse, from there.

Jody and his friend Cliff (Charles Chudabala) are invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party in a remote compound that turns out to be a Bible camp full of sinners who do not go to great lengths to repent. Cliff takes off the sweater from a homeless man, and soon he's on his way to becoming a monster known as Sweaterface. There are some successful blank jokes ("What does the sweater want?", Asks Jody; "Blood," responds Hanna, a Gothic resident of the camp), but Mento's mood is generally as vulgar and crude as possible, and style glaring visual, with its streams of CGI blood, makes for a Christmas horror movie just for the die-hard.

More festive death: Eviscerated by tentacles made of ugly fiber Christmas sweater.

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all creatures were moving - christmas horror movie

Movies RLJE

All creatures were shaking

The best horror movie of Christmas this year All creatures were shaking is an anthology of five stories by writer and director David Ian McKendry and Rebekah McKendry. There are so-and-so inputs; a look A christmas Carol offers nothing new, and a story of revenge of gyallo style reindeer that never gets anywhere. The clever framing sequence, in which a community theater troupe "performs" each segment (complete with rudimentary props), is funny but anticlimactic.

But the stronger segments work as little festive themes Twilight ZoneBermuda-style, from an awkward office party taken over by a brain-jigsaw-like manipulator, to a scary parking meeting on Christmas Eve. The final segment is the least horrible and most reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, and is also the best, featuring Constance Wu as a woman who discovers that her friend spends all Christmas being kidnapped by aliens who just want a vacation company. It's scary, inventive and unexpectedly poignant, with a great performance from Wu, which probably will not appear in random VOD horror movies for much longer.

More festive death: He threw himself in the head for a lethal jack-in-the-box.

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Sanctum Movie

Christmas blood

The opening title cards of the Norwegian horror film Christmas blood claim that the nameless central serial killer, who dresses like Santa Claus and leaves three sleigh bells at each murder scene, killed 121 people over 13 years, which would make him one of the most prolific serial killers of all the times. Unexpectedly, when he escapes after five years in custody, the cops only detect a case – yelling. The detective heads to a remote northern town where a group of girlfriends has become the ultimate target of the killer (like many Christmas villains, he is working on a spoiled list).

Screenwriter-director Reinert Kiil's film divides its tone between Scandinavian police drama and exaggerated horror, as a cross between The snowman and Silent night, deadly night. Even imitates one of The snowmanIconic and ridiculous moments, with the severed head of the victim placed on top of a snowman (here, Kiil himself is an unfortunate local police officer). The Pope who holds the ax – the police file calls him "Juleblod," or "Christmas blood" – is a menacing antagonist, but the possible victims are interchangeable idiots, and the unstable and obscure visuals of the film often make it difficult tell what is happening. Fortunately, there are some strong examples of gloomy humor, such as when police discover that the placement of the murders makes a pattern of Christmas tree on the map.

More festive death: Hacked and stuck in Santa's bag of toys.

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FunHouse Features

Krampus Origins

From the creators of two previous low-budget horror films related to Krampus (2015 Krampus: the reckoning of accounts and 2016 Krampus Unleashed) comes Krampus Origins, the supposed story of how the Christmas demon came to be. Apparently, Krampus is from Arizona, where he appears in 1918 in a Catholic orphanage. A platoon of American soldiers on the Western Front in World War One comes across a book of spells and an amulet that can be used to summon Krampus, and when soldiers are killed, mystical artifacts are sent back to the widow of a soldier , who seems to be the only teacher in this orphanage with few staff.

More of a slow-period drama than a horror movie, Origins presents very little violence or suspense, and does not even mention the word "Krampus" until halfway. Setting a low-budget movie in the past is always a risk, and filmmakers here rely mainly on old war posters and an old car to sell their period (they also wear almost all male characters on suspenders). When Krampus finally appears, he is rarely in the same frame as any of the actors, and his lips do not even move as he speaks in a voice that sounds like Peter Cullen's Optimus Prime. That said, sometimes you just need to watch a Krampus movie.

More festive death: Sucked in the infernal dimension of Krampus.

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