5 Things To Know About CTVNews.ca For Friday, November 23, 2018: Raj Grewal, Canada Post, Child Bride Auction


Liberal MP Raj Grewal has announced on Facebook that he will step down to focus on his health and his family with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeting his support for the decision. See what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Descend: Ontario's Liberal MP Raj Grewal has announced he is relinquishing his seat in the House of Commons, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Grewal is facing "serious personal challenges."

2. Work account: Before the shopping holiday, the federal government introduced legislation that would force Canada Post workers to return to work with lawmakers hoping to vote today.

3. Higher bid: Five hundred cows, two luxury cars, $ 10,000, two bicycles, a boat and some cell phones made up the final price in a fierce contest by a fiancée in southern Sudan who turned viral.

4. moldy grass: A cannabis producer in Ontario is collecting one of their products after receiving five complaints that contain mold.

5. Black Friday: Today, millions of Americans and Canadians visit malls to shop, but shopping actually has nothing to do with Black Friday's origins.

One more thing…

Food Wrap: An Ontario businessman is using beeswax instead of plastic to cover food – a recipe that is gaining momentum online and in stores on at least two continents.


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