& # 39; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & # 39; players have called policemen on them, what happens next is awesome



Some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players had the police call them while playing the new platform fighter yesterday. And what happened? Well, everyone played some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as the video game gods intended.

Leading to Reddit, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The player "bboyjovi" shared a short video titled "The cops were called for us, so now we have to play a game with them". Ten seconds in length, the video presumably features "bboyjovi" revealing that for some reason the cops were called to him while he and his friend were playing the newest entry into the Super Smash Bros. Series. But once the police appeared and saw that "bboyjovi" and his friend were just playing SmashApparently, they decided to attend a round.

Cops have been called to us, so now we have to make a match with them. from r / smashbros

The video does not reveal why the cops were called, but presumably it was for something like a noise complaint. As you can remember, something similar happened to a couple from Florida last month while playing Call of Duty. In this case, however, the officials did not participate in rounds of what was probably Black Ops 4.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game only came out a few days ago, but is already being praised by critics, in addition to being sold as hotcakes.

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In the latest and related news, last week during the 2018 Game Awards, Nintendo entered one of the show's biggest announcements: Person The Joker series will be added to the game as a post-release DLC fighter. Tell Super Smash Bros. and Person the fans went crazy, it would be a euphemism.

And, apparently, Joker is just the beginning when it comes to left-field DLC fighters. Not long after the news of the Joker, Nintendo joked that there are many more unexpected additions to the pipeline.


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