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Zlatka and Dilyana Popova are neighbors


Just 2 days ago Zlatka Rayova sported a new house, in rhymes. The playwright, requalified as a designer, publishes on her official Insight page her own poem that led to two extremes in social networking users. Still, the photo accompanying his work gathered more than 7,000 tanned.

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One of the topics that Raikova touched on his lyric revelation was his newly furnished apartment, which Blagiev Georgiev and I have already done. It is clear from the Instagram file that the apartment is in a complex with garden and swimming pool.

It turns out that the place "somewhere along the outskirts of Sofia, overlooking the two nearby mountains"as she writes in her work, Zlatka shares with model Dilyana Popova.

The houses of both are located in the village of Ivanyane, which is approximately 12 km from the capital. A few months ago, Popova announced that the property had caught her eye. Zlatka did the same, but only last year, shortly after the finale of "Like two drops of water".

It is said that the property of the pregnant woman in the 5th month of Raikova has a value of 100 thousand euros, and she placed a minimum amount for the supply.

According to other rumors, Popova shared the square of his house with actor Asen Blatechki, with whom the allegations show that they met a year ago.

Zlatka and Blagoi in the complex in the village of Ivanyane

Photo: Instagram official account

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