World | Neil Armstrong's items were sold at an auction of $ 7.4 million



Apollo 11 with Neil Armstrong on board, July 1969

Items belonging to the late Neil Armstrong, the first person on the moon, were auctioned for more than $ 7.4 million, the AP quoted by BTA.

Dallas Auction House announced yesterday that the highest price, $ 468,500, was paid for by the Armstrong Personal Identification Plate in its Apollo 11 field and the Eagle Lunar Module.

For $ 275,000, fragments of the wing and a fragment of the plane propeller of the Wright brothers, the pioneers of aviation, were sold. Armstrong skipfader of the Gemini 8 mission in 1966, when the first two spacecraft were in flight, took his heirs to $ 109,375.

In another $ 46,250 auction, John Glenn, the first American in orbit around the Earth, was sold to the naval helmet.


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