: Woman caught pigs, pigs and pickles from her girlfriends :: Monitor.bg


A woman avenged her boyfriend, raising her lashes for brandy, pork and pickles. The 22-year-old girl from Swietokrishna's Shiite village got in touch with her friend's girlfriend after fighting.

For three years, the biggest victim of stubborn theft fell into an almost pre-infamous state when she returned to her home and found the stocks prepared for the winter were gone. He suspected unarmed thieves who, with all their indulgence, carried away 300 liters of grape marc, 2 televisions, a cell phone, and a cubic wood and half-wood which he had prepared to boil the fire. Also, he did not have 3 growing pigs and winter.
He did not slow down and immediately signaled to the police. Uniforms quickly reached the perpetrator. He ended up being the victim's girlfriend. Both lived on a family basis. Among other things, he housed his relatives as well. The thief is arrested and the police continue to look for the killer's pig, marjoram, and winter.


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