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We say goodbye to the great Violet Gindeva


She left the great actress Violeta Gindeva

He left us. the big actress Violeta Gindeva

Ivan Vazov National Theater director Marius Donkin was the man who brought back our great actress, Violeta Gindeva, to the first stage after her long forced withdrawal. Now, where the pilgrimage was, she went on her last trip. Our great actress left us 72 years on April 21, on Palm Sunday, the day of her name.

Photo: Ivan Grigorov

Marius Donkin and Stoyan Pepelanov (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

She recently complained of heart problems. One of the performances of Maxim Gorky's "Chárezzi" leaves her unhappy, but the performance is not late.

Even with health problems, the star of the stage is Dobrinka Stankova, with whom Violet touches the Black Angels.

Family of the actress (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

Then Gindave gets stomachaches and urgently needs to be admitted to a hospital.

"Dear, dear Violetta," Stefan Danailov, with whom they were partners with Vulo Radev's cult band "The Black Angels", "The Prince" and many others. etc.

Hagiashod Agassjan (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

Photo: Ivan Grigorov

Emilia Radeva (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

Emilia Radeva and Nedyalko Yordanov (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)


Violeta Gindeva: Five years of punishment did not give me a role in the cinema

Violeta Gindeva: Five years for punishment did not give me a role in the cinema

Nadezhda Seikova, Maria Stefanova, Emilia Radeva, Ivan Nalbantov, Vasil Stoichev, Georgi Mamalev, Nikolay Sotirov, Elena Petrova, Nedalko Yordanov, Hayagosh Agassjan and many others. etc. Condolences were sent from the Presidency, from many Bulgarian theaters and from Pazardzhik, whose deputy mayor was between 2003 and 2007.

The condolences took his son, his daughter, his brother and his granddaughters.

Elena Petrova (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

Nikolay Sotirov (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

Photo: Ivan Grigorov

Nedyalko Yordanov (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

Vasil Stoychev (Photo: Ivan Grigorov)

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