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Volkswagen will lose € 3,000 from every electric car – Automotive News

The basic version of the Volkswagen Electric hatchback ID will cost € 29,990, says the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, referring to its own sources of concern. The information coincides with the company's promise that the price of its first fully electric model will not exceed that of a similar diesel car (for comparison, Golf 2.0 TDI comes out exactly 29,990 €).

The initial price of the ID seems quite acceptable, but at least in the initial sales phase, the model will only suffer losses. Volkswagen had already calculated that it would sell the electric car with a difference of € 3,000 for each specimen. However, by 2025, the MEB platform would have made more profits than the ICE cars.

Selling electric cars at a loss is not uncommon for the industry. According to the late Sergio Markione, the cost of the Fiat 500e is higher than the sale price of $ 14,000, and General Motors admits to having lost $ 9,000 from every Chevrolet Bolt sold.

Volkswagen will begin accepting identity requests in May. The hatchback series will be available with a 62 kilowatt-hour battery and then with 48 and 82 kilowatt hours batteries. The hatchback will be powered by an electric motor mounted at the rear between 170 and 204 hp.

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