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VAG announced that it is creating a division specialized in software development. By 2025 at Car.Software will be hired 5,000 programmers who will have to increase the share of their own software used in the company cars, from only 10 to 60%.

Currently, Volkswagen has more than 200 outside companies to develop software to manage 70 different electronic modules in the manufacturer's cars. In addition to creating huge logistical complications, it is quite expensive.

Volkswagen develops its own operating system

The first and main task of Car.Software will be to create your own operating system called vw.os and integrate cars into a repository in the cloud called the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud. The new subdivision will begin in the fall, when sales of the first fully electric VW start.

By 2025, all cars produced under the VAG cover will be equipped with the new software platform. This year, the company will hire 500 programmers, electrical engineers, connectivity experts, stand-alone management, cloud architecture and e-commerce. Next year, the number of Car.Software employees will grow to 2,000.


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