Varna's domestic abuser killed his wife two days before the divorce (OBZOR)


Borislav Nikolov, the assassin of murder

Borislav called his mother to help him with his luggage on Sunday, but before that he had beaten Kremena's wife to death. She filed complaints with the police, but she immediately withdrew them

Borislav Nikolov, 41, a Varna native, murdered his wife Kremena two days before the divorce, a prosecutor's message said on Wednesday. The crime happened on Sunday, when the man exported his luggage from his quarters. Before leaving, he brutally beat his wife and dropped her into the house. The body was discovered on Tuesday.

Nikoli lived rented in an apartment on the second floor of 32nd street "Nikola Kanev" in Varna. The apartment is owned by Governor Angel Karaivanov. Borislav and Kremena have been married for several years, but their marriage was not. The family has no children. On February 24, another Spartan between the spouses broke out, which continued with a fierce beating on a woman of 40 years. After leaving his helpless and crushed wife lying on the floor, Borislav called his mother and asked him to pick up his luggage. Then mother and son left the house without being interested in the condition of the beaten woman.

Kremena's mother called for a long time on her phone to listen to her, but when she was not responding, the woman became worried and was reported to the police. Criminalists entered the house locked on the other side of the balcony on Monday and discovered the victim's body.

Kremena has filed several domestic violence complaints against her aggressive husband, the investigation shows. Borislav was notified with police protocols. But the woman told the Interior Ministry that their relationship had improved. On Tuesday, the family's divorce in the District Court of Varna was scheduled. The divorce was by mutual consent.

The tragedy in Nikolov was unknown to his neighbors in the block.

"The family has had a number of cases of domestic violence," said Radoslav Lazarov, a public prosecutor in Varna. The Public Prosecutor's Office recalled that changes to the Penal Code to cause death in domestic violence took effect on Tuesday, and Kremena's murder was committed on Sunday. That is why Borislav will not be subject to the new rules, which provide for life imprisonment for this crime.

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