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Valencia, for the first time in 11 years, will have the chance to add a trophy to their club showcase. Marcelino's boys, Garcia Toral, beat Betis 1-0 in the semi-finals of the King's Cup and with a 3-2 win in total, both games guarantee a match against the current Barcelona winner.

Rodrigo Moreno scored the only result of Mestya and revived the memories of the fans of the end of the tournament of Valencia. He was in the 2007/2008 season and won 3: 1 against Getafe at the Vicente Calderón in Madrid. This King's Cup was also the last great trophy to be in the hands of the.

The rematch with Bethes was far from the show that both teams offered to Benito Vieimarin earlier this month. To a large extent, this was dictated by the measured game of the hosts, who were trying not to take unnecessary risks. The two goals in a foreign field gave them enough advantage to patiently allow themselves to wait for the lack of a rival.

The collision could have gone in another direction if the former Real Madrid player, Hesse Rodriguez, had performed better at 39 & # 39; The attacker was unprotected in the area and sent a foul to the left corner, which caused a terrible rescue of goalkeeper Hume Domenec.

Los Angeles waited for their golden chance early in the second half. After 56 minutes, Kevin Gamayro swiftly tripped the shot from the keeper to the defensive line of the home side. Many guests grabbed their hands for an ambush, but she was covered by Aisha Mandy's late retreat. This opened a chance for Gamayro to advance to the door, and guard Joel Robles tried to find him. The French elegantly thumped the ball to the side and allowed Rodrigo Moreno to score an empty goal – 1: 0.

Six minutes before the end, the guests were able to return the intrigue. Loren got himself booked for a foul.

At the end of the match, the bats used every possible claw to maintain the lead, with goalkeeper Domenek in the 85th minute receiving a yellow card to delay the game.

The final between Barcelona and Valencia will be played on May 25.


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