Union of Fruit and Vegetable Processors Organizes a Discussion on Healthy Eating in Early Childhood


As winter approaches, when there is not much fresh greens and sunshine, we must inevitably change our diet to compensate for the lack of some vitamins and nutrients important to our body. This is especially important for children who are growing and developing. Even if they eat healthy foods like fish, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy, in some cases children need additional vitamin D supplements in winter and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to making them susceptible to viruses and colds, a lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals can severely affect the growth, as well as the nervous-psychological and sexual development of adolescents.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend that the children's winter menu include more seasonal and processed local fruits and vegetables. Its undoubted health benefits during cold days increase the immune protection of the child's body. Do you know, for example, that one of the tomato's most powerful antioxidants – the jellyfish that is like a real shell and protects against viruses and colds? Scientific evidence suggests that it is best absorbed by the body when tomatoes are processed. Well, how can we not believe in Mom and Grandma when they say that besides the delicious, the lute is also very useful. Peppers, eggplants, carrots and onions are among the richest in vitamins. There are more citrus fruits in peppers, carrots make sharp eyes like eagles, and orange juice contains sufficient amounts of vitamin D for children's healthy bones, teeth and immunity.

How to balance the children's menu to give strength, health and energy to our children during the upcoming winter season is the subject of a discussion organized by the Fruit and Vegetable Processors Trade Union at the Specialized Exhibition InterFood and Dink (8 November at 10:00 at the Inter Expo Center, Sofia). Leading specialists and nutritionists in the field of child and healthy nutrition, together with representatives of institutions involved in policy in this area – the Ministry of Health, the National Center for Public Health, the Food Agency, etc., will discuss what is needed for the full and healthy eating of children from an early age – at home, in kindergarten, at school. The event will be held under the slogan "Healthy and strong from a young age" and will start at 10:00 in the central lobby of the Inter Expo Center. Experts will direct the attention of institutions and parents to what vitamins and beneficial ingredients decrease in the body of children in the winter and how through feeding these deficits can be offset. Younger children will not be disappointed – the initiative will continue with the traditional children's tasting show from the Union of Fruit and Vegetable Processors, which will present in a different and fun way the canned fruit and vegetable products produced in Bulgaria and the benefits of include them in the teen's daily menu.


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