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Typical Liverpool: Merseyside with a champion against Leicester

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Liverpool made a foolish mistake in the fight with Manchester City for the championship title after reaching just 1: 1 at home with Leicester.

Thus, the "red" lost seven points in front of a big competitor who yesterday surprisingly lost 1: 2 Newcastle.

Still, Liverpool is the leader in the ranking, with five points from the "citizens". Mane (3) was the host for the hosts, the score for the guests had hit Maguire (45).

It should be noted that Judge Martin Atkinson was seriously injured in Liverpool several times and cut "Merseysides", not giving them a penalty in the second half, and before the 1-0 interval, he could show a red card to Maguire.

Liverpool started a crazy game and at first pressured the guests against their penalty. Then in the third minute, Merseyside managed to score.

Then Firmino dropped the ball to Mane, who entered the stream and cut the net to 1: 0. Magnificent start for the hosts who managed to score a second goal, but Firmino was unable to overcome Schmeichel.

In those early minutes, the guests did not know where they were but they could achieve nothing after Alison mistakenly missed a ball that led to Madison's downfall in Liverpool's penalty but no penalty for the guests.

Of the many repetitions, it was apparent that Henderson was actually messing with Madison, but out of the box. In the next few minutes, Juergen Klap's players were surprised to be very nervous and quick to take advantage of the "foxes."

At 25 minutes, Alison mistakenly mistook Leicester, but Madison headed into the thunderbolt. In the next few minutes, the action developed mainly in the middle of the field, with no possibility of capture.

At the end of the break came the most interesting moments. At 41 minutes, Liverpool demanded the expulsion of Harry Maguire, who defeated Mane, who stood alone against Schmeichel.

Maguire, however, was only decorated in yellow, and in the added time of the first half still managed to match. Then the Liverpool defense made a series of ridiculous errors, which took advantage of Maguire, who scored 1-1.

Surprisingly, Lewerson started better in the second half and could even make a full comeback, but Madison entered the penalty area of ​​the host and missed a great opportunity.

In minute 53, the "foxes" created a batch chance, and this time Firmino almost lost a goal against, but Alison showed a class and saved. These positions frightened "messengers" and brought the game forward.

An hour later, Liverpool jumped to a penalty for Ricardo's offense against Firmino, but Judge Atkinson paused and did not charge a penalty. "The Reds" were thrown into strong attacks, and in minute 75 Firmino fired powerfully, but Schumacher saved.

In the end, Liverpool had pressed, but only came to a serious situation that had been discarded by Mane. Then Liverpool admitted a children's shoot and won only one point in the battle with Manchester City for the championship title.

Liverpool – Leicester 1: 1

Top scorers

1: 0 Manne (3)
1: 1 Maguire (45)

Liverpool: Alison, Matip, Van Dique, Robertson, Wainludum, Keith, Henderson, Shakuri, Firmino, Mane, Salah

Leicester: Schumacher, Ricardo, Maguire, Evans, Chillwell, Mendy, Niddy, Albrighton, Gray, Madison, Vardi

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