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Trabant is a car, often called the VW Beetle from East Germany. The copyriver entered the Vilner Garage is one of the latest GDRs and a 1-liter unit of the VW Polo MkI is installed instead of the Trabant 601 two-stroke engine, speeds are low, but Trabant 1.1 looks almost the same as the 601 .

Unchanged until the arrival of the car in Vilner's garage. "We created an interior that Trabant never had. We chose the right carousel to stay true to the retro style while using the latest craftsmanship," said Vilner Garage, a Bulgarian design studio.

A Trabant, tuned in our country

The hall is wrapped in textiles and double skin. The latter is called so because of the soft coating, which gives it a specific volume and makes it as pleasing to the eyes as to the eyes. The seats are lined with Ivory Soft leather, short fabrics are placed in the center and the head restraints are deliberately left in their original form. The board also combines natural fine material with textiles, the vintage leather color is charcoal black.

A Trabant, tuned in our country

The helmet is Momo, dressed in black leather with contrasting stitches, with a 21-sided logo in the middle. "We changed all the emblems of Karosseriemodule Sachsenring with favorite number of owner," says Wilner. "We put the B pillars, the center of the hoops, the doors and even the roof of the car." The ceiling inside is completely covered with striped fabrics, which is also placed around the leather lever in the 4 degree box. The radio? It looks old, but retro vision hides modern technology.

A Trabant, tuned in our country

As for the appearance, we see a familiar view, but with modern accents. Headlights are fully LED, daytime running lights also double the turn signals. All the car panels were completely revised, the ceiling received a "21", repeating the performance of the salon, which is also present in the doors. The rims also received special attention: "textile" handling and central covers with the owner's favorite number.

A Trabant, tuned in our country

1990 Trabant 1.1, 1043 cc, 4-cc. row, 45 hp, 74 Nm, 4-st. mechanical, front wheel drive, 700 kg.


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