Three strong accidents with young drivers, two of them with victims


A 19-year-old girl died after the car driven by her bumped into a pillar on a central Sliven Avenue.


The signal for the incident was presented shortly after 8 pm. According to the initial information during the move, the girl lost control of the car and he hit the pillar of "Panayot Hitov" Boulevard in Sliven.

The victim was taken to serious injuries at Sliven hospital, where she died, despite doctors trying to save her. Police conducted an on-site inspection.

The pre-trial process was initiated in this case.


At the another catastrophe tonight A 24-year-old man died, after having hit a car in a tree just outside the village of Izbul, Novi Pazar Municipality, announced the Ministry of Interior – Shumen.

The dead man traveled alone. According to initial information, the man lost control of the car on the wet asphalt, the car left the road after a curve and hit a road on the road.


Cola rolled over tonight in Rousse. She suffered one woman, two more cars hit. The incident was caused by young pilot of 20 years, who recently got a book.

The accident occurred on Sofia International Avenue to the Danube Bridge. A car was moored by three passengers who were recruited from work. The women pushed him on the screen as another car reduced the wait for them. He was hit in the back of a youth-driven car.

All three cars, as well as one of the women, suffered a collision. The young man's car has turned, but he is not injured. Your alcohol sample is negative.


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