They met under a group of teachers, counselors and shopkeepers for a meeting with Tsvetanov – News from Bulgaria


All residents of Ivaylovgrad today are in operation because of the visit of the vice president of the GERB, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, to the city. Accompanied by the GERB district coordinator for Haskovo Delyan Dobrev and MP Evgenia Angelova, Tsvetanov had a meeting with party members and supporters at noon at Probuda Chitalishte, wrote

The whole the municipal administration, during the hours of work, went out to meet Tsvetanov. At 11:30 the town hall building was ghostly empty.

In order to fill the hall in the chitalishte, which has 400 seats, to imitate the mass and "popular love," the pedagogues of the kindergarten were also invited by the director to go to the meeting. Oral order to meet Tsvetanov received the school staff – teachers, hygienists, administrators.

Even the sellers in the shops, whose phones smelled of orders to compete in Probuda, were not spared the mass of the bubble.

Teachers, educators, hygienists, salespeople and municipal alert workers were picked up to fill the Chitalishte Hall for the meeting, despite the reluctance of most of them

What interests us in Tsvetanov, we have a job, as we are not ashamed to get us out of our place of work, all Ivaylovgrad staff who were forced to attend the meeting in question.

There were also full school buses from the neighboring villages that reached Ivaylovgrad at that time. It is not clear, however, whether they were built for Tsvetan Tsvetanov's meeting with citizens.

According to unofficial information, the people in Ivaylovgrad lived in fear of political repression, were repressed and generally did not dare to express their strong indignation from the local government and the ruling party GERB in general. No one and nothing was able to tell the mayor of Ivaylovgrad, who had been untouchable. In order to have no problems at work and in person, people in the border town preferred to remain silent.

At the meeting, Tsvetan Tsvetanov pointed out to the participants how many successful rulers were in Ivaylovgrad, and Delyan Dobrev thanked them for their trust.

Obviously, the most cheerful person at today's Ivaylovgrad meeting was Mayor Diana Ovcharova.



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