The Stara Zagora Opera ballet company opens the FOBI with Don Quixote The newspaper "DUMA"


The anticipated debut of Ludwig Mincus's Don Quixote ballet will take place today, November 27 at 7:00 PM, on the Stara Zagora Opera stage. With this performance, the 49th edition of the Opera and Ballet Arts Festival (November 27 to December 8) will be officially opened. The Don Quixote ballet is one of the best performances of classical dance. Soloist and choreographer Arshak Galluman is a renowned choreographer and soloist at Staatsballe – Berlin. He is a graduate of the National Ballet School in Yerevan and the Hamburg Opera School. The Assistant Choreographer is Krasina Pavlova – the Primary State Sports Ballet and proud of its teacher Silvia Tomova, artistic director of the Stara Zagora Opera Ballet. Costume designer and costume designer is the Italian Salvatore Rousseau.

The entire multinational ballet troupe of Stara Zagora Opera participates in the show. In the roles of Kithira and Basil, the audience will see Anelia Dimitrova and Tomoki Ishiogo, Alexander Zhelev will be Don Quixote and Carlos Santos – Sancho Pansa. The other colored roles will be played by Fiordi Loha, Haruka Sugaga, Marina Soroche, Martha Perez, Martina Prefetto, Frederico Pinto, Ivaylo Yanev, Stanko Tanev, Suzuki River and others.


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