The gypsy Marin killed his naked brother and his wife naked and became scary!


Marin Andonov of Kumluka, who in 2017 almost killed his brother will stay for 4 years behind bars, the Burgas Court of Appeal announced.

The justices today upheld the verdict of the 27-year-old Gypsies and ordered them to serve their sentences under a strict prison regime – violent perpetrators, rapists and murderers, Flagman wrote.

He was found guilty of beating and sending a 16-year-old brother to the coma who still can not recover.

Marin claims, however, that he beat him almost to death to protect his personal honor and punish him for having sex with his wife. He swears he caught them in a mold.

"What do I do? I got them in bed, they strip naked and have sex," Burgas Gypsy explained to the court.


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