The Golden Girl Tsveti Stoyanova played her personal story in a video by Konstantin


The golden girl Tsveti Stoyanova showed an exceedingly strong spirit and stood in front of a camera to recreate her personal drama. It is no secret to anyone that the gymnast has recently suffered a serious accident and fought for his life after falling off the porch of his home.

Speculation on the subject has been many – from the ridiculous tragedy to the suicide attempt, but beauty to date has neither confirmed nor denied the versions.

To surprise everyone, however, Tsveti appeared as the lead character in Konstantin's new music video for "107 Days". The most shocking thing in the video is the script, which is an association with the tragic case.

What has provoked this surplus of power in Tsveti, and how Constantine managed to persuade her to film, remains a mystery … But one thing is certain – this is one of the most exciting and influential projects in the history of the music industry in Bulgaria.

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